The Band Hall is Opening!!

Thank you for your responses we had 168 replies to our survey.
This is one of the toughest decisions we have ever been faced with, EVER!
We have a number of parents and students request to have practice for a sense of normalcy, schedule, and band family, as well as a number of families who think it is inappropriate to have rehearsal while our community has a lot of need. My family and I (as well as our staff) have spent a lot of time volunteering and have seen the devastation across our community. This will certainly not be over just because school/band start next week. Neighbors will need help for months if not years.
In an attempt to walk the line between what everyone wants, here is what we would like to do:
We will open the bandhall THURS from 8 AM to noon and FRI from 1 PM to 4 PM for anyone who would like to practice, talk, laugh, cry, march, or help clean up.
WE WILL HAVE MARCHING REHEARSAL IN THE STADIUM FRIDAY ONLY FROM 5:30-8:30 PM. If you are currently displaced or helping family members in need you are NOT REQUIRED to come. If you are here, safe, and dry, we would like to have you at rehearsal Friday.
We will attempt to make up some our lost time before our Saturday game 9/23 and Fair Day 9/29.
Thank you and God Bless!!