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The Lamar Consolidated Band Booster Club is a non-profit organization providing support for the Mustang Band through volunteer service and financial assistance. To achieve this goal, it takes many dedicated volunteers all working together as a team throughout the year. The help of each band member’s family is needed to provide the necessary support for a successful band program. Financial assistance is needed to cover items not typically included in the Lamar Consolidated ISD budget. Each year (usually in May), the Booster Club approves a budget which helps support such important items as:
        • Clinicians who train the students in the finer details of using their instrument and assist in improving the band’s marching and concert skills
        • Fees associated with the drill writing
        • Entry fees to contests
        • Transportation to contests
        • Purchase of special music
        • Maintenance of equipment
        • Purchase of new equipment
        • An End-of-the-Year Celebration Banquet

Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved!

    • Participate and be active in your child’s life in the last few years you have with them before they leave the nest,  It goes faster than you think!
    • Get to know the other kids your kids are spending their time with.
    • Meet some great parents volunteers so you will have some one to sit with during all those football games and banquets!
    • Connect with the directors and other school staff. Teaching and parenting go hand in hand.  It is always a good thing to build relationships with your child’s teachers.
    • Get outside your normal routine and have fun, get some fresh air, do something good that makes you feel good and helps the band!